Late analysis results of the paper “On the electrodynamics of moving bodies“ – kinematical part

Libor Neumann



June 2006


*      Abstract

The paper presents analysis results of the original text of special relativity theory. The paper shows that the proof of the length contraction is incomplete. The velocity equations and the proof of the light velocity invariance were misinterpreted.   The coordinate axes are not orthogonal and no origin translation exists in time-space. The validity space of the transformation is moving plane in classical three-dimensional space. The mathematically valid transformation does not support relativistic effects. There is no possibility to fulfil all necessary physical features of the relativity transformation together from the mathematical point of view.  The serious physical use of the transformations is excluded.

PACS numbers: 03.30.+p


*      The shorter hopefully more readable paper on line text (html – 153kB + 5 figures),  PDF version (216kB)


*      The more detail analysis with virtual relativity experiments - PDF version (316kB)









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